Surviving Amsterdam on a Plant-Based Diet

Eating out and travelling on a plant-based diet can often be frustrating. As January passes and some supermarkets and food outlets jump off the Veganuary bandwagon, it can feel slightly disheartening as you leave the ‘honeymoon’ period and fall into the day to day rhythms and routines of your new diet. So, When me and Adam decided to go on a Dutch dash for his 25th birthday, we definitely prepared for the worst. We did some research on food places in Amsterdam which would be suitable and downloaded the ‘Happy cow’ app which scans for nearby Vegan and Vegetarian food places using your current location. We also took two packs of Nutty Nature breakfast bars, bananas and apples in case of a food related emergency.

Tip Number 1: Research your trip by soaking up lots of online content before you board… and always prepare for the worst by stocking up on fruit and plant-based snacks!

The ferry itself does not have a huge amount of vegan options for drinks and snacks, other than the Starbucks where you can pick up a green tea or a lonely pasta pot amongst a mound of cheese and ham toasties. Much to our surprise, the main restaurant did, in fact, have some fantastic plant-based options, including a Cambodian curry and a faux cheese pizza. We had already eaten a feast of sweet potato fries and falafel pita’s at home before boarding, so we had a few drinks in the bar instead of dining on the first night. 

Tip number 2: Eat at home before you board – after all, the food is expensive whether you’re vegan or non-vegan!

When we arrived in Amsterdam at 10am the next morning we were both ravenous and headed straight to The Cold Pressed Juicery which we found on the Happy cow app. Here they have a variety of healthy breakfast options from smoothie bowls to hot porridge and overnight oats. They pride themselves on not adding any sugar, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals or any other additives to their products. Inside it’s a cosy atmosphere with options to eat in or grab on the go. We both opted for oat milk cappuccinos and coco porridge bowls with granola, almond butter, coco nibs, chai seeds and banana slices which was delicious and enough to keep us going with a long day ahead of walking along the side streets and canals of central Amsterdam.

Tip number 3: utilise the ‘Happy Cow’ app throughout the day – no-one wants to be scrambling around looking for food-places on an empty stomach!

By about 3pm we were hungry again and decided to try the The Vegan Junk Food Bar which we had seen on Instagram. Inside it was heaving, with people queuing to get in and escape the freezing cold winds of storm Ciara. The menu is a mix of burgers, loaded fries and other delicious fast-food inspired treats with a plant-based spin. Inside the decor is flourecent pinks and blues with a warm, friendly atmosphere were both vegans and non-vegans can enjoy the innovative snacks. Their mission is built upon a ‘love of the planet’ and they have a strong belief that ‘a plant-based lifestyle is the only right ethical option.’ Whilst we decided on our food I ordered the ‘Tipsy Unicorn’ cocktail which is a mix of kettell vodka, blue curaçao, lychee juice, grenadine and lemon.

Tip number 4: try The Vegan Junk Food Bar even if just for a cocktail!

We couldn’t decide between the waffle fries and sweet potato fries… so we ordered both and chose to half a burger because they’re enormous!

Tip number 5: always go for more when it comes to fries!

After much deliberation, we decided on the ‘Daddy Mc Chik’n’ burger, which is a plant-based Mc Chickie patty, with crunchy vegan bacon, vegan cheese and salad inside their signature pink burger bun. Eating at The Vegan Junk Food bar is a mixture of new taste sensations and the quirky atmosphere which creates a brand new eating experience. I only wish we had one in the UK! 

Overall, we were really pleased with the options in Amsterdam. There were many other places with plant-based options and next time I’d love to try the vegan version of the famous fritessaus (mayo-fires)! As we waited for the coach back to the ferry we were definitely stuffed and ready to relax after a long day of eating and soaking up the beautiful Amsterdam scenery.

Tip number 5: try to avoid the ferry when there’s an upcoming storm unless you’re prepared for a rocky, sleepless journey – oops!



What I Learnt From Veganuary…

It’s 2016, I’m 21 years old and I’ve just spent a semester at university studying Contemporary Literature. My chosen topic to focus on is ‘Species’ and I spend weeks perfecting my essay on human-animal relations in literary fiction. I learn about the rise in meat consumption since 1945, animal experimentation and animal extinction. I passionately research animal representation in contemporary texts and decide to focus my assignment on destabilising human exceptionalism through cross-species communication in various novels. And I also decide to become a vegetarian.

Fast forward one and a half years and I had already gone back to my old dietary ways. I was putting on weight and felt frustrated at what food options were available to me. So, when my boyfriend decided he was going to complete the Veganuary challenge this year, I couldn’t help feeling like I was set to fail if I joined him. Although deep down I knew I wanted to do it myself, I didn’t feel ready to make the drastic (or so I presumed) change.

It was a few days into January and my boyfriend had stocked up the cupboards with meat/dairy alternatives and a colourful array of fruit and veg. However, stubborn as always, I cooked my salmon and veg for tea and continued to close my eyes to the knowledge which was right in front of me. That was, until, he started to play the Netflix film ‘The Game Changers’. I sat down and watched the full documentary and something in my mind clicked.

I started to feel excited about vegan food and felt like I was finally seeing clearly what deep down I already knew – what I tried to start in 2016. I continued to watch numerous documentaries, read magazines and books to give me inspiration.

We have now reached February and I have never felt so passionately about anything and yet there is still so much more for me to learn. I feel stronger and healthier. I finally reached a loss of 2 stone at Slimming World (who actually have a fantastic vegan meal plan and products!) – a goal I have been trying to reach since last April. I am eating more bright, colourful and tasty foods than ever and I feel like a moral weight has been lifted off my shoulders. In 2016 I knew some parts of the puzzle, but now I feel like I am making a positive contribution to the world from a moral, ethical and environmental stance, as well as for my own health benefits.

So, what have I eaten? What have I learnt? And will I be continuing with my new plant-based diet?

1. The food is amazing…

I have to admit, I am lucky as my boyfriend is a fantastic cook and has spent this past month cooking with new ingredients, gaining inspiration from famous Youtubers like Rachel Ama and Gaz Oakley, former Dirty Sanchez star Matt Pritchard and Wicked founder Derek Sarno. We have definitely not gone without. Evening meals are an exciting mix of new flavours, textures and foods I would never have considered eating before. We have eaten black bean tacos, delicious buddha bowls, mouth watering nut-roasts, (fake) cheesy lasagne and much more. I’ve ditched the processed foods and replaced them with fresh fruit and veg and we’re eating copious amounts of protein from legumes.

2. Eating out is a fun adventure…

More and more restaurants and fast-food places are introducing plant-based options. It’s amazing to have a choice for when you want a treat and I have enjoyed some delicious meals out, such as the Chiqitos jackfruit burger and chocolate pudding, Pizza Hut’s vegan vegetarian pizza, Nando’s supergreen burger and vegan perinaise (my favourite!), as well as lots of sweet treats such as Mummy Meags (Hull based!!) vegan chocolate cream eggs and Vego chocolate bars. M&S’s Plant Kitchen range is also great for grabbing lunch on the go. There is now more vegan choices than ever before which has made the transition so much easier.

3. You can still enjoy a cup of tea…

I have to admit, the thing I was most worried about was dairy. I had been a vegetarian before and couldn’t imagine how I could cut out dairy, too. What on earth would I have on crackers and what would I put in my cup of tea? The night I watched The Game Changers I asked my boyfriend to make me a cup of tea with soya milk. I had always turned my nose up to milk alternatives and never imagined that they would actually be nice, let alone find myself actively choosing them in replace of cow’s milk! It confuses me now why I was more grossed out by soya, oat and almond milk than by the milk from another animals’ udders. Looking back, I now realise that this is why i gained weight back in 2016 – I ditched the meat but increased my dairy consumption, eating more cheese than ever and continuing to drink cows milk – a substance that is literally intended to make a tiny calf grow into a huge 1 ton cow. Coffee places like Café Nero even promote soya milk by making it a FREE alternative.

4. It doesn’t have to cost more…

Many people have said how they have been put off the vegan diet due to cost. However, we have found that our weekly shop has actually reduced in price. Fresh veg is really cheap and you can get various tinned beans for around 40p! Other products such as brown rice and pasta are also really good, cheap staple food items. As long as you plan to some extent so your fresh food doesn’t go off by the time you come to eat it, you can actually find yourself saving money. Of course, some of the meat replacements items are quite costly, however, we have decided to not make our meals rely on these. We’ve also gone for own-brand soya milk which is around £1 or less in most supermarkets. We’re saving money on packed-lunches by making big batches of fresh soups and curry’s which are packed full of way more than your average 5-a-day, too!

5. My mind feels clearer…

It has always been obvious to me that a major choice for wanting to reduce my meat consumption was due to ethical reasons. I have always claimed to love animals, however, I also chose to avoid learning about the truths of factory farming and the dairy industry. It was just too painful for me to imagine and I decided to put it to the back of my mind and disconnect my food choices from the reality of how it reached my plate. I now feel like I am being true to myself and my views – my mind is clear and I feel proud of choices.

6. People are mostly supportive…

There are so many supportive Facebook groups and blogs out there which has been really helpful. My auntie has decided to become vegan with us and my boyfriends parents have been making some gorgeous vegan curry’s and opting for vegetarian/vegan options! Most people are really intrigued and genuinely want to know more! My Slimming World group is fantastic and not one person has questioned my food choices. At work we even have a meat and cheese day and they made sure to get in some yummy alternatives

So, yes, I will be continuing my new vegan diet. I have not once missed meat or dairy and I do not plan to give up any time soon!

I’d really love some inspirational blog/ book/ magazine recommendations, too. If you have any, please let me know in the comments!



Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 …

Another year has passed and another January is here. As we enter into 2018, I have found myself looking back on 2017 with a nostalgic eye. This past week we have been inundated with everyone’s ‘best of 2017’ instagram posts. Scrolling down, witnessing a summary of everyone’s 2017 memories, gave me the inspiration to start up my blog again… and what better time to start than a new year, with a 2017 wrap up for my first post?

I started 2017 with my boyfriend Adam, following the usual tradition of my Grandma’s party and then on to our friends to welcome in the new year.

untitled (6).png

I was enjoying working full time at Topshop as the Shoe Specialist and running the Koko Couture Concession, after making the brave decision to withdraw from my PGCE the previous September. I had some beaut outfits … how I miss my discount card!

I got to go to Radio One’s Big Weekend in my home city of Hull! My faves had to be Biffy Clyro, Lana Del Ray and Katy Perry!

untitled (12)

I bagged myself my new job, working as an Education Recruitment Consultant. It was emosh leaving Topshop after 6 years, but exciting to be starting somewhere new! It’s been challenging and a whirl wind, but I’ve learnt and achieved so much since starting there in June, including the achievement award during my training sessions. You can see me with my team below, awww.

I went to Glastonbury for the second year in a row and had the most amazing time! We had the best weather; it was strange being able to sit on the grass in the sun, rather than wade through muddy puddles. Although, the first day was so hot that you couldn’t even go in your tent and all of our beer was boiling hot. Dark fruit cider will forever taste of hot sticky liquid and remind me of the best weekend ever!

untitled (14)

The summer consisted of random days out and camping trips. My favourite memory of the summer was a day me and Adam spent in Scarborough. I was persuaded to go in the Terror Tower and have never screamed so much. It’s hilarious now, but at the time I was in pure survival mode, trampling on kids and throwing Adam into actors dressed as Jason from Friday 13th.

I got all of my hair cut short … and so did Adam.

9 of us spent the week on a boat on the Norfolk Broads … it was amazing!

untitled (23)

As we entered autumn and I was settling more into my new job, I found that I had less time for social media and stopped posting as many photo’s – which is annoying now as I love having photo’s to print out as memories and stick in to my albums. Me and Adam both had weekends free now (yeeeeeeeeey!) so we filled them up as much as possible, going to York, Leeds, Manchester and so on to see bands and what not. The best band I saw in 2017 had to be Weezer!


Me and my best friend Nat had a lovely weekend away in Manchester, shopping, drinking cocktails and laughing non-stop.

untitled (22)

Me and Adam had the best weekend away ever at a campsite near Manchester where we rented a glamping pod. We were invaded my tonnes of chickens who set up camp on our doorstep.

untitled (20)

And winter consisted of trips to London, my birthday and Christmas, including my first ever Teaching Personnel Christmas party!

And that brings me to the new year, which I celebrated in York with Adam and his family, staying in a beautiful lodge with a hot tub. I made it back in time for the annual party at my grandmas and, as usual, moved on to partying with our friends.

I hope that 2018 brings as much fun! I already have lots booked, including Jeff Tweedy in London, Katy Perry in Sheffield, Little Mix, Darren Brown and The Cribs in Hull!!

How was your year?




Trinity Market Tea Shop

Growing up in Hull, I’ve always loved Trinity Market. I loved walking through Hepworth Arcade and pointing out all the gadgets in the joke shop, before walking through to the market with all the fresh fruit, cakes and even records. Blue Bell pub which backs on to it has to be one Hull’s hidden gems too – who doesn’t love an ice cold Taddy Lager?!

Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent some beautiful loose tea samples from the Market Tea Shop. I was so excited as I’m a proper English lady when it comes to tea – it’s just my fave. Although, since starting my new job I have strayed more towards coffee, but that’s what working 7.30-5 during the busiest campaign of the year will do to you! 

I was sent three different flavours and they all look and smell amazing! 

I was so excited, I even treat myself to a cute new mug with a built in tea strainer from Amazon. It was £10 and is shaped like an owl 😍 The strainer is removable and it has a lid with owl ears – it’s just too cute!

I have to say, Red Berry was my favourite flavour – it’s so summery and sweet! Since I’ve just started Slimming World (again!) it’s nice to be able to have a hot drink without milk, too!

Orange Cookies surprised me as it had a cinnamon scent to it which I’m not usually fond of, however, it reminded me of Bon fire night or a log fire and it was just lovely! The flavour wasn’t too over powering; it was subtle and perfect for a cosy night in!

I love floral scented drinks and snacks; those cute little chocolate shops with handmade choocies always tempt me and I always go for the rose and lavender creams, so I was excited to try this lavender enfused Earl Grey tea. This one is the perfect flavour for relaxing.

I’ll definitely be going back to try more flavours! 



Festival Season: Glastonbury Haul 

I’m so excited that for the second year in a row I’m heading down south to the beautiful Glastonbury! I feel like last year a lot went wrong … torrential rain whilst queuing left all of our belongings soaking! Nevertheless, we had such an amazing time and can’t wait to get back! This year, the weather forecast looks beaut, but I’m going over board with making everything waterproof just in case! 

Top Tip: bin bags!! Pack your clothes up in side them, have a spare for dirty, muddy clothing, use them to sit on or cover up chairs if it rains. They’re just SO versatile!😂

This post will be an all-rounder of my fave festival outfits I’ve chosen to pack, the essential toiletries and also a few of my top festival tips!

I did a mini Primark haul earlier in the week – it’s so cheap and the accessories and beauty range is actually full of lots of hidden gems. With the weather reaching highs of 30 degrees, I decided a summer hat would be essential! I also picked up a little hand mirror for when I’ll be attempting my makeup outside in the fresh air! I loved the cute toiletry bag set – I’ve used the big one for all of my toiletries, the medium one for my makeup essentials and I’ll use the smallest to put in my day time bag when I’m there with essentials like hand sanitiser and lip balm.

Top Tip: take lots of baby wipes! I’ve got a mix of baby wipes and face wipes for throughout the week. Luckily, I can stash half in my boyfriends rucksack to spread the load! 😂

Mouthwash is also a good shout; I’ve still got us both toothbrushes and toothpaste AND breath spray (😂) but in a morning/ night when you’re feeling a bit rough, it’s nice to have a freshen up with some mouthwash too! 

My ULTIMATE beauty MUST HAVE is Micelar water! I’ll always stick to the Garnier one as it leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and not oily at all! 

Obviously dry shampo is a festival essential (I do have some more to pack too bu HOW CUTE is this mini Batise spray!?) I also picked up some other cute mini toiletries – just incase I really MUST wash my hair under those freezing cold water points 😂😂

Top Tip: don’t forget hand sanitiser and lots and lots of loo roll or tissues! You’ll need them in your bag ALL THE TIME for when you need the toilet – yes, there will be NO toilet roll!!! 

Now, the most fun part of festival shopping is choosing your outfits! I’ve opted for a few cute, summery tops that I can pair with denim shorts or skirts throughout the week! I love the embroidery on the gingham crop top 😍

Denim, denim, denim! Do I really need to take all three?! If I can squeeze them all in my rucksack then I certainly will! Embroidered denim is my dream right now and screams the summer festival trend.

I’ve put together this cute Topshop playsuit and T-Shirt combo and can’t wait to wear it! It’s so comfy and will be great for the hot weather. Although I do worry about playsuits in the gross toilet stalls … oh well! 

Primark did it again with cute shoulder tassel bag! I loved how roomy it is but still light and easy to carry. I know, I know, bum bags are so much safer BUT I just loved how gorg this one was and couldn’t resist! 

Matalan also have a beaut festival accessory range! I loved this cute sequinned purse – I’ll be keeping my money and valuables safe inside! 

This year, I’ll be going in my wellies, but I’ll also be popping in my converse with the beaut weather we’ve been having! Wellies are must, however, for when you get to the water bogged toilet areas!! 

Top Tip: get some actual welly socks! Last year I had socks that barely reached the top of my wellies which meant they rubbed on my legs and cause friction burns! 😳😬

What else are we taking?

Camping Essentials:

  • Tent 
  • Sleeping bags
  • Torch Top Tip: it’s dark when you head back on a night (or early morning 😂) so you’ll need some form of light to negotiate your way back to your tent! 
  • BEER – we have a ridiculous amount – I’m not sure the car will hold it! We also have cider, cartons of wine, rum and gin (remember to put them in plastic bottles – no glass aloud!!)
  • Snacks – you’ll eat mostly there from the stalls because it’s just too difficult to take lots of food, however, we’ve packed a few breakfast bars and those cool pea snack crisps from Aldi 😂
  • Water bottle – for the water points which are everywhere!
  • Disposable camera
  • Portable chargers 
  • Chairs 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Suncream!!!!! 

Are you visiting any festivals this year? Watch out for my post-Glasto blog post too!


Molly x 

e.l.f. Cosmetics Review 

I was so excited to discover that my local Superdrug store has started to sell e.l.f. cosmetics! What’s not to love? Exceptionally affordable makeup with incredible reviews; I just had to try it! 

I decided to start with face products for my first haul; they are, after all, the most important part to the start of any makeup routine. I chose the Face Illuminating Primer, the Flawless Finish Foundation, the Flawless Face Powder and the dual ended under eyes Concealer/ Highlighter.

The face primer is sooo magical. They had a good range of primers to choose from, but with these beaut summer days and light nights, I thought a dewy glowing makeup look would be perfect and so opted for the illuminating version. The packaging is very minimalistic which I adore and the pump at the top made it very efficient! 

The primer has a lovely subtle shimmer. Once blended into the face it creates a lovely base with a light shimmer; such a beautiful base for any foundation! Look at the shimmer it left on my hand 😍 Once blended out, the shimmer was lovely and not too over powering. This is a definite bargain buy at just £7.50! 

Again, another complete steal at £7.50! The Flawless Finish Foundation has quite a thick consistency, which makes the coverage really strong! It’s easy to blend and lasted all day! The only downside was that I wasn’t too keen on the smell; it did have that odd smell certain foundations have – I like them to have a subtle fragrance so they don’t feel too chemically. I did, however, love the fact that it has SPF!

At just £3, I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular from the face powder. My first impression was that it was a little too dry; it took away the dewy, glowing look I’d created with the primer and foundation. However, it’s dinky and cute and is great for when you’re on the go – especially with these hot days when you need to blot your face a bit and add a little more coverage through out the day!

I used the dual ended concealer/ highlighter to brighten my eye area. I chose the lightest shade as I’m quite fair. It’s not amazing coverage and I wouldn’t use it to conceale blemishes, but it’s lovely to brighten up any dark areas. I used the highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes and under the arch of my brows to add a subtle shimmer at the end of my makeup routine! 

Will you be giving e.l.f. a go?!


Molly x

City of Culture: Radio 1 Big Weekend 

Working in retail makes it very difficult to land a weekend off work, so I was so excited to be able to bag a Saturday off and go to the first day of Hull’s BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend! The day was absolutely amazing; Hull did not disappoint! 

I chose a boho look for the day; A red body and floral midi skirt both from Miss Selfridge. With the beautiful weather we’ve been having I wanted to go for a festival look which was comfy and not too heavy. 

The day started in Paragon station, the queues were long but flowed steadily, with lots of staff on hand to help and lovely bobby’s there to make us all feel safe. Plus, the sun was shining and the atmosphere was fantastic even before we arrived. Upon arriving, after a tiny spout of rain which lasted no more than 10 minutes, we faced some more queuing but it wasn’t long until we were inside!

Burton Constable was such a great festival venue, too! There were four stages to choose from through out the day, including fair ground rides and lots and lots of yummy food and drink stalls. 

The first thing we did was head to the BBC Introducing stage to see some Hull talent. And, as you can see, each round was definitely a ‘two pint job’ to save queuing relentlessly. 

The set up was reallly beautiful; the greenery of burton Constable mixed with all the magic that comes with festival scenery. The only downside was how much I waned some churros, but I guess everyone had the same idea because the queue was constantly never ending!

My favourite artists of the day had to be Haim and Biffy Clyro! Above is me and my boyfriend getting ready for Biffy to come on. Lana del Rey was also such a dream boat and Katy Perry finished off the night spectacularly with everyone of all ages singing along.

Did you go to the Big Weekend? What was your highlight!? More importantly, what did you wear!?!?


Molly X

#ootd: Summer Casuals 

This weekend has been the hottest of the year so far! I spent my Saturday soaking up the sun in a beer garden and I’m excited to just sprawl out in the sun again today!

With the change in weather, however, there comes a drastic wardrobe change. You’re getting out your old summer clothes and shopping around for the newest summer trends too. I pulled this outfit together yesterday and just had to share it with you! It’s a casual, sporty look, but the jumpsuit could easily be paired with some heeled sandals and transformed into a dressy summer evening look for those dreamy holiday nights! 

Jumpsuit: Miss Selfridge – I only bought this last week but cannot find it online anymore! My guess is that it’s been hugely popular and has sold out for now so keep you’re eye out for when they replenish the stock!!

Denim Jacket: Topshop

Trainers: Topshop

Bag: Koko Couture

Belt: Dorothy Perkins

The Yorkshire Soap Co and Bomb Cosmetics 

Last week I had the afternoon off work, so me and my nana took the train to Beverley for a bit of light shopping and lunch. I’ve noticed The Yorkshire Soap Co. numerous times before and neglected to go in, however, the pink deco and enchanting bubbles flowing from that top window finally enticed me in. And I wasn’t let down!
The staff are lovely and the products are beautiful! At the front of the shop stands a table of all different bath treats, from macaroon soaps and cup cake bath melts to bubble bars of all different colours. 

I couldn’t leave the store without picking myself up a little treat. I opted for some bath creamers. I chose four spherical shaped balls of flowery goodness. These are actually made my Bomb Cosmetics and can be purchased both online and in any Yorkshire Soap Co. shop! 

The store sports a Patissier theme; all soaps come in gorgeous gift boxes similar to those you’d get from a bakery!

Look how pretty they are! The first left one is completely full of silver glitter. The bottom right is packed with rose petals and smells lush! You pop them in the bath whilst it’s running and they lightly fizz, letting off the oils into the bath. They’re not like a typical bath bomb; they’re more moisturising and leave your skin feeling hydrated and so soft afterwards!

This one is called ‘Island Tiara’ and is said to transform your bath water into a tropical paradise! Neroli and Rose oils moisturise the skin and the combination of fruity scents, with waterlily, peony and spices and, finally, vanilla infuse your bath tub with an aroma of summer scents. 

The leaflet inside is just as cute as the outer packaging! It’s covered in glitter too, oops! I love the bottom quote, ‘Enjoy, indulge, but please do not eat!’ because, lets face it, they really do look and smell good enough to eat!

The Rose Creamer has to be my favourite! It’s the perfect pamper session essential and leaves the bath water feeling so luxurious! I actually decided to use this one in the morning and you wouldn’t believe how long the fragrance lasts. It’s scent is a combination of rose and jasmine and gives off that floral, crisp, clean summer smell! This Creamer is hand rolled with Moroccan rose petals and is bursting full of geranium and neroli oils. It lingered on my skin and my clothes all day, I’ll definitely be going back to stock up on these ones! 

The next Creamer I tested is called ‘Diamonds and Pearls’. I’ve never had a sassier bath! It leaves your bath water a shimmering pool of goodness with shea and cocoa butters that nourish your skin. Described as ‘a delicate Mediterranean fragrance, reminiscent of a blossom filled garden,’ this Creamer is beautiful and insanely luxurious.

Oh my goodness, this final one literally transformed my bath into a starry galaxy bursting with glitter. This one is definitely more of a novelty one; I was so shiny and sparkly after this bath! It’s called ‘Journey to the Centre of the Creamer’ and is bursting with eucalyptus and cedar wood essential oils. 

One thing I would add, if you’re washing your hair, make sure you double rinse with a shower afterwards – the oils in the melts are beautiful on the skin but could cause greasiness in your hair if you’re like me and struggle with thin, grease-prone hair! 

Go check out their other beautiful products! You can pop into your local Yorkshire Soap shop or head to their website 👉 The Yorkshire Soap Co. Check out Bomb Cosmetics too 👉



Spring/Summer: Trends I’m Loving 

As I haven’t posted in a while (sorry guys!), I thought my first post back would be a collaboration of all my favourite trends so far this season! I’m loving how fashion is all about vibrant, exciting colour clashing right now; it seems that in the fashion world anything goes!

1. Gingham 

Gingham print is EVERYWHERE right now! It oozes the perfect balance of girly and edgy. You’ll probably see it on romantic, ruffle shirts with statement sleeves or paired with bold embroidery, emphasising the care-free, print clashing nature of SS 17!

Here are some of my faveeee pieces I’ve seen on the high street: 

(Click photos to shop!)

This Topshop number is so cute; it’s so on my wish list! How lovely is this for the summer?!

At £12, this skirt form Pretty Little Thing is an abolsoute STEAL! The ruffle across the front is adorable and would look amazing paired with a casual Tee to add some edge.

Mules are so in right now and what’s better than to pair them with gingham, the other hot trend of the season! The embroidery detail is similar to the Topshop top; how amazing is this combo?! You can find these at New Look! 
2. Sliders 

Sliders are the perrrect casual summer shoe! They’re effortlessly chic, easy to slip on and have that designer allure about them. Whether your going on holiday or taking a shopping trip, these can be adapted to any style! I love how comfy they are too!

I love khaki green and these River Island sliders tick all the right boxes! 

Topshop have done it again with these incredible furry sliders! 

These Missguided fury sliders are amazing with the western buckle detail! The western boot/sandal is also really hot right now! I love how they’ve combined this style with the new slider trend!
3. Funky Jeans

It all seems to be about statement Jeans at tho mo! Whether they’re covered in beautiful embroidery or have crazy frayed hems, they’re so on trend right now! 

The floral embroidery detail on these Miss Selfridge Mom jeans are so lovely! I love this style jean; they look amaze with sliders too! 

How amazing are these Missguided lace up jeans!? I love how funky they are!

These Topshop wide leg jeans are the ultimate casual girls fashion go-to! The mid blue colour gives them a retro feel and how fab would they look with some cute little trainers?! 

4. Slogan Tee’s

What not long ago may have seemed ‘tacky’ is now everywhere in the shops and screams ‘effortlessly cool’! I love a good slogan Tee; the cheesier the better!!!

I love the bold red font of this Topshop Tee; tucked into some jeans and throw in another pair of sliders and your casual spring/summer outfit is complete! 

Thanks for reading guys,


Mol x